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Bio – Conceived in the rear of a ’69 Cutlass, born Alexis Liela Afshar, as a baby, Lexy Panterra started utilizing her stunning features and sweet disposition to mastermind & manipulate those around her to get what she wanted. Consequently, her nick name “Lex Luther” was appropriately given to her by her father at age 2.

Raised in a family that feeds her wild-side and encourages her to operate in dangerous rates off the paved roads, Lexy Panterra taught the way to safely break the rules and not get caught at an early age, having grown up in a household of men; her dad, uncle, and 3 brothers. A California native, Lex Luther won her first beauty pageant at the age of 5 and entered her first bike race at the age of 8 at the LACR.

Her winning streak came to a halt when her father was severely hurt in a motocross accident and insisted she didn’t compete again. Lex retired at the top of the match from bike racing at the age of 11. However, she continued to spend her weekends in the racetrack with Dad and the weekdays at a dance and theatre classes with Mother.

It’s no mistake that she follows in the footsteps of her late grandmother, a renowned songwriter, producer, and poet throughout the 60’s & 70’s. Lexy Panterra includes a style all her own. Her new single “Neon” written by The Jackie Boyz, Co-Written by Major Williams and produced by super prodigy producer MDL, the music video for its new hot club smash can be seen here on iTunes Myspace and YouTube, in addition to more crushing hit songs from The Sarkillerz and Dell.

Let’s now look at some photos of hot and sexy lexy panterra on instagram

Bunch of stallions in my corner 🤤

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I Stay cold ❄️ but my heart is a burning fucking fire ball ☄️

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Why did I wobble on the way down tho😒 😂 wearing @justpeechyofficial 🍑 Trainer @mrmvtfit

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A good time never hurt nobody 🇺🇸

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What if 🤔

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oh good hot picture sexy Lexy Panterra very hot


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⚫️👁 Know ⚫️

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